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Garden Ridge Texas...
Garden Ridge, Texas is a lovely community of approximately 2,000 people located about four miles northeast of the San Antonio metropolitan area. Garden Ridge offers convenience to 'big city' amenities while maintaining a small town atmosphere.

Story of Bracken Texas 
by Carolyn Bindseil
In 1850, William Bracken became the owner of the lands known as the Vicenti Micheli League. These lands were owned by the State of Texas and the grant was signed by P.H. Bell, Governor of the State of Texas. <more...>

The Rock BBQ Comes to Garden Ridge! <more...>

The Good Old Days
(an interview with Mrs. Carmen Eastman)
by Brooke Daniel
As Mrs. Carmen Eastman sits in her quaint, country house off Nacogdoches Road, she happily recalls her childhood memories. She was born in 1921 and still lives on part of the same acreage that her great-grandfather owned. Mrs. Eastman has so many wonderful stories to tell and jumps from one to another. <more...>

Some Memories of Garden Ridge, Texas
by Clyde Cox
In 1972, the citizens of a community near Bracken Texas, decided to incorporate to protect their homes from being annexed into the cities of San Antonio or Schertz.  <more...>

Family, faith, and freedom...
While Garden Ridge has its roots as a retirement area, young families are moving into <more...>

In The Dark on Power Outages
by Carl Caton
It looks like we finally have someone's attention at CPS Energy regarding the consistent power outages in Garden Ridge. If you missed my article from a few years ago on the ongoing problem with electrical reliability, you won't be surprised that CPS is still making promises about upgrading our service in the area. <more...>

Elementary School in Garden Ridge!
The 2011-2012 school year has begun at Garden Ridge's first school, Garden Ridge Elementary. Garden Ridge Elementary received an "Exemplary" rating from the Texas Education Agency. Throughout the Comal ISD, there are twelve exemplary schools and ten recognized campuses. Here's a link to the official school website!

Story by Carmen Eastman
December 2006
My favorite family story involves the cottage in the back yard of a home in Trophy Oaks Estates. When one of the new streets was first built, I took my father, Benjamin Robert Wahl, <more...>

Some Frequently-Asked Questions by New Residents...  What was that "boom" noise? <more ....>

Some 'best-kept secrets' of our area. <more...>

Ten Restaurants in the Garden Ridge area!  <more...>

fun in garden ridge

Fun things to do in the area!  <more...>

The famous Bracken Cave is home to more than 40,000,000 bats.  These valuable creatures <more...>

Landscape Maintenance...Garden Ridge style...
Let's see... you bought your home in Garden Ridge because you needed some space. Maybe you lived on one of those 'postage-stamp' size lots and you thought you needed a little breathin' room. But now that you've mown that giant yard for a few seasons, you feel like you're the proud owner of a Texas ranch (pronounced ra-eeen-ch if you've been here long enough)  <more...>

Natural Bridge Caverns is an exhibit of hundreds of magnificent calcite formations, formed over thousands of years, <more...>

The Garden Ridge area is rich in history and has been home to many residents including Native American Indians, Spanish and German settlers <more...>

Don't miss these annual events in Garden Ridge!  <more...>

in the yard in garden ridge

Concerned About Oakwilt?
One only must drive up sections of Interstate 10 to see why many Hill Country residents are <more...>

Looking for a place to garden?
If you're looking for a great place for a vegetable garden, click to learn more about a spot close by <more...>

Fire Ants in Your Yard?  An interesting link to Texas A&M.

Digging Up Dirt on Septic Systems
By: Dr. Charles Gilliland
In his recent news release, Dr. Charles Gilliland of the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University suggests three things prospective rural homebuyers should know about septic systems. <more...>

Are the deer helping you prune your shrubs?
Animal experts categorize white-tailed deer as 'browsers'.  I agree, because they've been <more...>

How to Build a Rainwater Collection System
In recent years, harvesting rain water in a rainwater collection system has become a popular way to go green. About ten years ago, with great excitement, I built one on my property in Garden Ridge, Texas. It's been a learning experience and I would like to share something I've learned about this idea.

<more about Bracken Village...>

Are Wind Turbines Creating Changes in Regional Weather Patterns?
Are wind turbines impeding the progress of fronts across Texas? Does the recent construction of the world's largest wind farm in west Texas have any influence on nearby weather and the recent record-setting drought in south Texas? <more...>

Are Wind Turbines Impacting Weather Patterns in South Texas?
by Carl Caton
The drought has been miserable, hasnít it? For many native Texans, like me, we understand that droughts come and go. We suffer through these periods of extreme weather because we know that the rains will return and south Texas will be beautiful again.

Update: New research on wind turbines and weather changes.

How wind farms are impacting rainfall in China.

(UPDATE! The best article to date that addresses the possibility that large scale wind farms can impact rainfall. Click here for article at

San Antonio Travel Site
If you're traveling to San Antonio, check out our companion travel site!  <more...>

Office Space For Lease in Garden Ridge
Need a beautiful office close by?  <more...>

Hill Country Weekend Ideas... <more...>

Twelve Ideas for Fun in the Texas Hill Country!
1. Inks Lake State Park
2. Bandera Dude Ranches
3. Krause Springs <more...>

Ten Fun Things to Do in San Antonio <go...>

Thirteen Attractions in San Antonio <more...>

Six Nearby Cities with Fun Things to Do! <more...>

365 Fun and Easy Activities to Do with Kids! <more...>

Looking for family podcast resources? Try our new website featuring review of our Top Ten family podcasts available for download.

A special message from your Webmaster <more...>

Barbado Sheep for Sale in Garden Ridge, Texas.

Disciple Now Texas
Tyler Daniel is a worship leader and speaker for Disciple Now events in Texas. To learn more about Tyler's ministry and his heart for leading DNow events, please visit his new Disciple Now website.


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Got a story to tell?
One tragedy of our area is the numerous life-long residents who have passed on and taken <more...>

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