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Story by Carmen Eastman
December 2006

My favorite family story involves the cottage in the back yard of a home in Trophy Oaks Estates. When one of the new streets was first built, I took my father, Benjamin Robert Wahl, to see the new subdivision. We drove up to the end of a road looked east across the wooded area. My father said, "...and to think - my grandfather paid for this land twice!"

"Daddy", I said, "I've never heard that story before."

He replied, "After my grandfather (Phillip) had built the rock house, he was out building a fence when he was approached by a man on horseback who said, 'what are you doing? building a fence on my land?'"

"It's my land, I paid for it," Phillip said. And indeed, he had paid for it - to a swindler. The man on horseback represented a lady in New Orleans. She was, fortunately, willing to sell.

The last time I visited in one of the nearby homes, I noticed a portion of a rock wall still standing near their front porch. I assumed it was part of the fence that Great Grandfather Phillip was building.

Carmen Wahl Eastman
Age 85


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