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While Garden Ridge has its roots as a retirement area, young families are moving into the area and are changing the makeup of the community.  Garden Ridge residents value their youth as evidenced by the many local projects sponsored by organizations such as the Garden Ridge-Bracken Lions Club and the Garden Ridge Women's Club.  Great programs such as Boy Scouts, CYO Youth Sports are offered to our kids.  In addition many of the local churches are healthy and growing as they serve the local community.  Such churches include Bracken Methodist ChurchCovenant Baptist Church , Northeast Bible Church, OLPH Catholic Church, and Triumphant Lutheran Church.

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Links of Interest:

Bracken Cave
Bracken Methodist Church

Boy Scouts
City of Garden Ridge
Covenant Baptist Church 

CYO Youth Sports

Garden Ridge
Bracken Lions Club

Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Northeast Bible Church

OLPH Catholic Church

Triumphant Lutheran Church



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