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Ten Restaurants in the Garden Ridge Area!

1. Bracken Burger.  Definitely a guy place!  Written up in Southern Living, this is an institution in our area.

2. Caparelli's.  Great Italian food and conveniently located.

3. Figlios Pizzeria & Ristorante Italiano. One of my personal favorites. Great Italian food, generous portions, unique setting.

4.  Grumpy's.  Located on Nacodoches near Bracken.  Lots of variety here including Mexican food and a terrific breakfast! Also, the new Shak Attack!

5.  Abel's Diner.  Standing room only every day at lunch.  Located at I-35 and FM 3009, Abel's serves great lunch specials, not to mention breakfast and dinner.  Your website editor eats there weekly... of course, just to be able to report back to you!

6.  The Vineyards.  Features romantic dining in the scenic Hill Country.  Specializes in smoked delicacies and fresh seafood dishes.  Built around an active vineyard in a most peaceful setting.  My local favorite!

7.  Castle Avalon.  Another romantic setting, elaborate menu, and quiet surroundings.  Definitely call for further information.

8.  The newest additional to local eats is Ariana's Taco located on FM 3009 just north of Schoenthal Road. Ariana's is open for breakfast and lunch on Tuesday through Saturday's.

9. Bucket Brigade BBQ in Bracken.

10.  Forest Waters Lodge.  Members enjoy catered meals, usually twice a month in the Dining Room of the club.  A great place to meet your neighbors!

I'm told that the Domino's Pizza, located behind Blockbuster on Nacogoches at Judson, will deliver to our area.  Still looking for a phone number...  Little Ceasar's Pizza on 3009 in Schertz also delivers. The newest pizza addition is Papa John's on 3009 in Schertz.

"Up at the Corner" 
(Fast food joints near the corner of FM3009 and I35)
Bellacino's Pizza and Grinders
Bill Miller BBQ
Panda Express
Schlotzsky's Deli
Shipley's Donuts
Taco Bell
Taco Cabana

Bonus...Gristmill.  Not in Garden Ridge, but certainly a very unique place if you are new to the area.  Located on the banks of the Guadalupe River in Gruene, this restaurant has earned high marks from travel magazines and guides.

Ok, now for some "unique" places to eat in San Antonio.  These are places that are truly "San Antonio":

1.  Tip Top on Fredericksburg Rd.  At our last visit, we discovered that our waitress has worked there for 28 years... wow.  They're a great 'old-styled' cafe.

2.  The Solarium on Tesoro Drive.  A very unique setting in the old Tesoro building.

3.  Botanical Gardens.  Obviously a beautiful setting in the Alamo Heights area.

4.  Paesano's.  Great italian food on the Riverwalk.

5.  Mi Tierra.  Another tourist destination, but great Mexican food.

6.  Patio Cafe on Pat Booker Rd.  Advertises 'healthy' Mexican food.  A personal favorite.

7.  Grey Moss Inn.  A local favorite as a special place for a romantic dinner.  Located west of San Antonio in the Hill Country.

8.  Sea Island.  Voted best seafood in San Antonio.  Several locations... all are really good.

9.  Cappy's Restaurant.  One of San Antonio's great restaurants located in Alamo Heights.

11.  Alamo Cafe.  Very popular destination for locals.  Take a look at the ceiling in the lobby area.

12.  Chester's Hamburgers.  Locals often choose this local chain as the spot for the 'best hamburgers'.

13.  Chris Madrid's.  Chosen by Texas Highways as one of the best burger joints in Texas.

14.  Formosa Garden.  Outstanding Chinese food in a beautiful location.

15.  Demo's Greek Food.  Neat place for gyro sandwiches.

16.  Magic Time Machine.  A favorite for special occasions.  Serve good food and lots of laughs.  Very entertaining.

17.  Tower of America's Restaurant.  Obviously the best view in town from the rotating restaurant. An evening you'll never forget.



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