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Gardening in San Antonio?

FREE Gardening Area!

Are you looking for a place to plant a wonderful garden in the San Antonio area?

Hi, I'm Carl Caton.  Like you, I have a love for gardening.  I also have the perfect place to plant one!  My office is located just north of the City of Garden Ridge on an old German land-grant property.  About 100 years ago, the owner of this property built a hand-laid rock dam to create a small pond or lake.  Over the years, this 'lake' silted in and became a flat piece of ground again.  You would be amazed at the depth of the dirt here!  We just dug a 5' hole and found nothing but beautiful dirt!  Further, I have added compost and other natural elements to this soil.  I have a wonderful Edwards aquifer water well.  I have a farm tractor that will prepare beautiful rows for gardening.  In fact, about the only thing I don't have for a garden is.... time!  Ouch!  

Anyway, do you have some time as well as a love for gardening in the San Antonio area?  I would be interested in speaking with you about allowing you to garden here on this corner.  Call me at 210.651.5050 or email and let's talk!





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