what is 'indoor' self-storage?

Indoor self-storage is a new design technique in which self-storage units open onto an
 enclosed hallway as shown in the 3-D floor plan above.  The design provides greater
protection from weather extremes, dust, and dirt.  In addition, the enclosed hallways
remain locked when not in use.  These storage units are constructed of SOLID CONCRETE...
concrete floors, concrete walls, and concrete roof!
This high quality construction provides greater fire protection.

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Comal Ridge Self Storage, LLC

Located at FM 3009 at Bat Cave Road near Garden Ridge

Indoor Self-Storage (Units open from an enclosed hallway)
Dehumidifiers help reduce humidity
Concrete Floors, Walls, and Ceilings
Insulated Roof Deck

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23995 Bat Cave Rd.  Suite 120
Garden Ridge, Texas  78266

Carl Caton is a licensed real estate broker in Texas