wind turbines and rainfall



Wind Turbines and Rainfall

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"Li Qinghai, an engineer with the Water Statistics Bureau in Xilingol League, said the precipitation data collected by the bureau showed that adjacent to big wind farms there was an obvious decline in annual rainfall since 2005 - in some areas by as much as 80 per cent. "The issue is often overlooked as much of Inner Mongolia is suffering an unprecedented drought," he said. "But after spending more than two decades studying the rise and fall of water levels in the region, I have a strong feeling that the wind turbines are playing a disruptive, if not destructive, role in this, because the droughts in these areas developed much faster than in the turbine-free regions."

"Li said he wanted to study the issue more deeply, but nobody would fund the research. Given the nationwide hype of wind-power development, the topic is considered politically incorrect."

"The confusion exemplifies how little we know about the long-term environmental impact of the wind turbines."

"They caution that until wind farms' effect on regional and global climate systems is better understood, building even more could lead to unexpected disasters.'

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wind turbines and rainfall

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wind turbines and rainfall