wind turbines and weather changes



Wind Turbines and Weather Changes

(UPDATE! The best article to date that addresses the possibility that large scale wind farms can impact rainfall. Click here for article at

An interesting conclusion found in the abstract of: Do Wind Turbines Affect Weather Conditions?: A Case Study in Indiana

"The data show that as wind passes throughout the wind farm, the air warms during the overnight and early morning hours and cools during daytime hours. Observed lower humidity rates and higher evaporation rates downwind also demonstrate that the air dries out as it travels through the wind farm."

Further in the abstract, you read: "wind turbines did not negatively affect local weather patterns". The important point to make here is on "how" weather is changed. There are hundreds of possible impacts on weather: 1) does it impact the frost? 2) does it change the air temperature, etc. etc. My focus is on "does it impact rainfall"?

More about his subject here, here, here, and here 



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wind turbines and weather changes

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wind turbines and weather changes