wind turbines and weather changes



Wind Turbines and Weather Patterns

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August 16, 2010

Update: I've begun to receive calls from folks in different locales that are adjacent to the west Texas array of wind turbines. Let me say that I've noticed there are two different types of weather experts: First are those who are experts and mostly deal with weather from a purely academic standpoint. To these people, a possible unexplained weather phenomenon is something that is interesting and intriguing but in no way threatening. As the old saying goes, "They ain't got no skin in the game." The second group are those who live and die by the weather. These fine folks are farmers and ranchers, some of the most courageous, hard working, and down to earth people you'll ever meet. Just because these folks don't have a BS, MS, PHD after their name doesn't mean they don't know a little about weather.

Here is an interesting insight into the calls I've received. Those who've called live in area "just beyond" the array of wind turbines and they commonly express the same thoughts I've discussed in my writings. They closely watch rain storms move across the area and notice that they weather patterns seem to "break up" once they move through the wind farms. Last night, I spoke to a woman who owns a large ranch in northwestern Oklahoma. She was born on this place. The area is in severe drought much like we're having in south Texas. The difference is, she is observing changes in storms moving north. In other words, south Texas is missing those rains we typically have as cold fronts move through in our rainy months of May and September. Conversely, this woman's ranch is missing storms moving north during the summer months. In each case, the wind farms seem to be disrupting, to some degree, the weather movement.

As I've said elsewhere, no one seems to know how much of an impact this is having. Why are we not researching this more? It could eventually be of grave importance - not to weather professionals - but to people that depend on the rain.

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wind turbines and weather changes

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wind turbines and weather changes